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A love letter

My dearest festival!

On the spur of the moment, out of nothing. Without any reason, with a reason, I don’t care. Just one farewell letter. Each year again, was the message.

And then, just like that - goodbye and done! That is not funny at all. Terrible love deprivation. Uneasy waiting. No message. Nothing. A farewell with a reunion, I know. Collect strength for the 20th. I understand. Still, the craving was killing me – softly.

Who cares! You are back. You finally returned. To the place, where you belong to. And the rest of us listen to. The anger is gone. I have missed you so. You can’t even imagine. The beast is back. The family reunited. Farewell to the heartsickness! For this I dress up. I will wear my prettiest green. Even I have recovered.

After two years of break I’m back on track. The heart beats. At the right spot. In the most popular tent at the best time – near and far. Finally it will be the 7th of June. Party smart goes on. Since 1991 – you and me together. In good spirits and with thousands of friends. With more than 150 bands so far.

That is all in the past. And we are heading into the future. Let me have a look at you. I like your new style. I like how you present yourself online. Beautiful in every aspect. You didn’t lose your advanced musical level. With M185 you are dead on - again. I never doubted your good taste. I'm scattering roses for you instead of sawdust.

Even in the smaller tent all has not been said. Big tennis is still to come. You still need to tell me so much. What else will happen, who else is going to play, how everything will be. But everything in its own time. I can hardly wait til the 7th of June. Because then we will finally be re-united. In the most loveable living room of Austria.

In everlasting closeness.
Your Seewiese

Line Up


Portland, US


Wye Oak

Baltimore, MD, USA

Wye Oak

Ja, Panik

Wien/Berlin, AT/DE

Ja, Panik


London, UK


Cid Rim

Wien, AT

Cid Rim


Wien, AT


Keston Cobblers' Club

Kent, UK

Keston Cobblers' Club


Wien, AT


Mary-Ann Kiefer

Wien, AT

Mary-Ann Kiefer

Mary-Ann Kiefer

Vinzent Binder

Sierning/Wien, AT

Vinzent Binder

Poetry Slam

You want to participate?

Please send your text dealing with "Cake Fight & Ring Cake" until 30th May 2014 to

There are some changes for the 20th Seewiesen festival respectively the 6th poetry slam. But let's start with the good ole' known: even this time around the army tent will be disguised with glitter and will contain the sparklingsupport stage for the main tent. This means: poetry in a known environment, again poetry at the lake, again poetry while having a Seebab. Because: Seewiese is my Dahome.

Poetry Slam

Some other things will be mixed up a bit. All of a sudden the Seewiesenfest will no longer take place in May, but June, the fair-weather-twins will be separated similar to Lisa and Lottie - one deported from the country, the other one happy for Giga Ritsch's (winner of the Seewiesenfest Exil Slam) help in hosting the slam.

And something else well-tried: the festival will be kicked-off by all writers, who are coming to the very traditional area around our lake.

You can participate, if you send your text dealing with the topic "Cake Fight & Ring Cake" latest by 30th May 2014 to All participants (+1 additional person for hand holding purposes) will get a free ticket to Seewiesenfest from the birthday child. Come join us in large numbers!


A poetry slam is a literature contest, during which a certain amount of participants perform texts of their own composition.


There will be 3 preliminary rounds with a defined number of participants. The winners of each preliminary round will be facing each other during the finale. The audience’s favorite performer will metaphorically sit on the throne of the army tent. The ranks during the preliminary rounds will be defined based on pure luck.


The text shall only be 5 minutes long, short overruns are allowed until the bell (or a different device) rings. In case somebody can’t or doesn’t want to stop, points will be deducted.


The participants shall prepare two texts, one for the preliminary round, the other one for the final round. Spontaneous changes are of course ok. Initial texts used for registration can, but need not, be performed.

Allowed is

Anything that can be performed without auxiliary devices. There are no rules concerning form and content!

Not allowed is

Singing, use of requisites, costumes, anyauxiliary equipment (exempt is the piece of paper on which the participant’s text is printed and normal clothes). Only text and performance will be judged.


The jury consists of volunteers out of the audience. They will judge by giving points after the performance of the text.


We want to keep you excited and therefore the awards will not be published for now.


Please send an Email to for any further questions.


The Seewiesenfest loves nature and therefore is environmentally friendly. We appreciate recycling and therefore you will find request for recycling your trash throughout the whole festival site. We kindly ask you to support our environmentally friendly approach! Your contribution to recycling is important. For the environment, for the festival site and for us.

We support the environment as follows

  • Returnable cups, plates and silver ware
  • Food and drinks from local production
  • Fairtrade and organic products
  • Free drinks for visitors arriving by train (please keep your valid train ticket!)
  • Self-explained recycling areas at the festival site and the campgrounds

Pre-Sale Tickets

Please use the link to the left to purchase tickets via

The local ticket pre-sale will begin shortly at ...

  • wienXtra Jugendinfo (Vienna)
  • Mode Pallnstorfer (Weyer)
  • Braupub Rubinica (Großraming)
  • Ishkio, Red Rooster (Steyr)
  • Frankys Cafe (Kleinreifling)
  • Scorbar (Waidhofen/Ybbs)


Press contact

Gerald Thalhammer

Do you want to cover the Seewiesenfest and receive the latest press releases? Then please just send us us your contact details. Please also get in touch with us for band interviews - we will co-ordinate such inquiries and will get back to you asap.


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